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Cold Chain Solutions

It all comes down to performance: your products are developed for specific outcomes in a patient. If your pharmaceuticals aren't properly transported, everyone loses--the patient's health can suffer, your spoilage rates can go up, and your brand reputation can be tarnished.

That's why we have cold chain technologies that protect your products, regardless of what's going on outside. We can monitor your shipments across your supply chain to reduce the risk of spoilage--so your products stay safe, secure, and cool during storage and distribution.

UPS Temperature True®

UPS Temperature True

Incorporate this air freight service into your cold chain: specifically designed to safeguard temperature-sensitive shipments, it provides door-to-door transportation of vital pharmaceutical products.

PharmaPort™ 360

PharmaPort 360

This fully-tested refrigerated container maintains a consistent temperature throughout the shipping process, adding a layer of protection for pharmaceuticals that are critical to patient health.

UPS Proactive ResponseTM

UPS Proactive Response

Our sophisticated monitoring engine and dedicated, around-the-clock customer service representatives identify potential risks and, if necessary, take action on your critical temperature-sensitive shipments.

UPS Proactive ResponseTM Secure

Proactive Response Secure

This one-of-a-kind solution helps critical shipments reach their destinations even if unexpected events occur and provides reimbursement for shipments in the exceptional event of damage or loss.

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