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You've always managed your supply chain but there may be a better way. New highly-sensitive products, changing regulations and shifting demand patterns with emerging patient populations require a new approach. New technologies, new services and new strategies may enable you to accomplish your goals faster, compete better and improve the overall performance of your supply chain.

Healthcare logistics experts from UPS can:

  • Identify inefficiencies and risks in your supply chain and develop mitigation plans
  • Redesign inbound and outbound flows, optimising transportation modes to save money and meet the supply needs of your customers
  • Ensure compliance with regulations around the world to avoid surprises in the supply chain
  • Design packaging to protect sensitive medical products during transit
  • Use UPS technology to gain resource efficiencies, reduce errors and improve your customer's experience
  • Implement flexible distribution and transportation solutions to respond to changing market conditions, including spikes in demand and product recalls

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