Shrink the World and Cross Borders More Easily

Many of the world's most important healthcare companies work with UPS--and for good reason. With UPS, you can access patient populations in markets around the globe through our existing network while minimising investment in your own infrastructure and assets. We've invested heavily in technology, equipment, facilities and in our people and their training to manage key healthcare issues from customs to regulatory compliance.


Ensure uninterrupted supply of healthcare products in established markets and tackle new ones with our flexible transportation options for package, freight, ground, ocean and air. As the world's largest customs broker, UPS can help you avoid delays and reduce the risk of penalties, getting your products to patients faster and more reliably.


When you're manufacturing overseas or sourcing materials, it can be challenging to plan, ship and keep up with importing rules and regulations. But experts at UPS can help you gain more control over your imports. Our team and technology make it easy to source, plan, ship and import products from around the world.

You'll be able to find and manage harmonised tariff codes, calculate landed cost estimates, check compliance information and more. By combining UPS transportation services with our brokerage services, you can reduce fines, holds and inbound shipment delays which could impact production lines and customer service levels.


Regulations are becoming more and more complex. You need to stay compliant so that you don't risk losing business from current customers or new ones. But it takes people, experience and solid processes to ensure compliance in markets around the world.

UPS maintains appropriate, geographic-specific regulatory requirements including FDA and DEA, Health Canada, EMA and HAS, VAWD and all applicable government accreditations and licenses. We maintain more than 800 specific state and federal licenses in the U.S. alone.

We have an experienced global staff of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs people dedicated to healthcare. We can help you stay compliant with today's regulations here and abroad, while keeping you ahead of tomorrow's regulatory changes to avoid surprises in the supply chain.

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