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Today's marketplace demands uninterrupted product flow and on time delivery of critical orders. If retailers and distributors are unable to continuously replenish inventory, customers may take their business elsewhere--putting profits and reputation at risk. In the healthcare industry, delivery speed and reliability becomes even more critical when delivering specimens to diagnostics labs and vital pharmaceuticals to patients.

For the high-tech industry, the combination of more than 950 global Field Stocking Locations with our global technology platform puts you closer to your customers and offers global order and inventory visibility. Centralise your inventory at one of our global Central Stocking Locations for replenishment of your field stocking locations and to efficiently meet next business day customer commitments.

Speed and Flexibility

When tomorrow isn't fast enough, UPS Same Day Delivery can help you gain a competitive advantage whether you need scheduled, daily deliveries, or quick, on-demand service. Plus, gain peace of mind with visibility that allows you to see that your deliveries are where they need to be when they need to be there.

UPS offers a full range of transportation options to cost-effectively meet your customers' service level agreements. The options include one, two, four, six, and eight hour same-day courier in addition to an extensive suite of next-day shipping options.

The Power of One

Along with the highest Post Sales service quality in the industry, enjoy the convenience of one point of contact, one IT platform, one service performance report, and one consolidated invoice.

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