ConnectShip Warehouse

Customisable shipping technology Integrate multi-carrier solutions
that adapt to your business needs

Customisable Multi-Carrier Shipping Application

ConnectShip Warehouse provides you with numerous functions associated with shipping packages, from maintaining global customer address lists, choosing from a wide variety of carriers and shipping services, and printing carrier-compliant shipping labels to producing manifest reports and uploading electronic manifests.

ConnectShip Warehouse includes robust configuration and scripting capabilities for adding custom business rules and automating shipping processes to match each business's unique needs.

ConnectShip Warehouse can be used by industries like retail and wholesale where packages are shipped from multiple stores or distribution centres.

ConnectShip's patented technology for package and LTL shipment manifesting allows you to ship using major small package and LTL carriers, and even a customisable carrier component. ConnectShip Warehouse can process shipments from 50 origin countries.


Centralised System with Remote Configuration

Designed as a client/server system, ConnectShip Warehouse allows administrators in your company to remotely configure servers and individual workstations from one centralised location across the network. New workstations can be brought online by downloading and installing the client shipping application from a browser--eliminating the need for your systems administrator to physically go on site and set up each machine.

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