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Better Information Means Better Business

The ability to handle multiple users and locations proves invaluable to many mid-sized and larger companies. UPS Complete View Shipping offers a more customisable and configurable alternative to other campus-wide shipping solutions.

Keep an eye on your entire shipping system with a single-screen shipping interface.

  • Manage administration of employee shipping privileges
  • Capture shipping charges by departmental cost code
  • Control unnecessary service or accessorial charges

Web-based Flexibility

Our Web-based interface eliminates the need to install software on each employee's computer. Along with a customised look, feel, and options that work for you, your job gets easier with every use.

Use multiple views of shipping options, request additional bar codes for your shipping labels, or integrate UPS Complete View Shipping with your company's existing shipping data. You can even create reports that combine tracking, performance, claims, billing, and brokerage shipment data.

Watch Cost

Measured costs are controlled costs and UPS Complete View Shipping can help. Closely manage your costs by issuing shippers on your staff an in-house tracking code.  Take advantage of a centralised repository to consolidate bills and allocate costs.

Legal Appeal

UPS Complete View Shipping is a popular solution for mid- to large-sized companies who require customised campus shipment tracking. This solution is popular in the legal industry, which favors UPS Complete View Shipping for its use of client matter codes, and ability to map shipping costs to billed hours.

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