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E-commerce Returns

Product returns cost money--no one's disputing that. But a flexible returns policy can deliver customer satisfaction and fuel increased sales over time. In most countries, more than half of online shoppers have returned an online purchase. Easy returns and exchanges lead to repeat purchases and are a top driver of positive recommendations.

UPS Returns

Because one-size-fits-all doesn't always fit, we have multiple UPS Returns® solutions to meet your level of need.

We've got more returns options than any other carrier. They're hassle-free for your customers--and efficient and cost-effective for you.

Advanced Technology for Simplified Processes

Integrating UPS Returns technology into your business systems lets your customers make returns requests directly from your website. We offer three return label options, so you can choose the best fit:

  • Print Return Labels: Include a return label in an outbound shipment, post it on your company's website, or provide it to your customer at a later date
  • Electronic Return Labels: Have UPS e-mail a return label directly to your customer
  • Print and Mail Return Labels: Request that UPS mail a return label directly to your customer

UPS Access Point™ Network

When your customers demand a higher level of convenience, we're ready with the UPS Access Point solution, a service that lets them drop return packages at hand-picked retail locations throughout the UK--like grocery stores or petrol stations.

Build on the convenience of the online shopping experience; customers can simply attach their UPS Returns labels to their packages and leave them at the nearest UPS Access Point location for collection. They'll enjoy more control while you demonstrate your commitment to customer service--and add value to your business.

More Options Mean Better Customer Service

Should your customers need high-value product returns or replacements, we can offer peace of mind with contract-only solutions like UPS Returns Exchange or UPS Returns Pack and Collect. With UPS Returns Exchange, a UPS Driver delivers a replacement item to your customer while simultaneously collecting the return shipment. With UPS Returns Pack and Collect, a UPS Driver collects a return on the next business day and packs it using a specially-designed box provided by us.

With UPS Returns Plus, our drivers come straight to your customers' doors to collect return items. We create the return label ahead of time, and the driver brings it when they collect the shipment. Choose from two UPS Returns Plus options for your business:

  • 1 UPS Pickup Attempt (UPS 1 Attempt Returns Plus): A UPS driver will attempt to collect the return package one time. If it is not available for collection, the UPS driver will leave a return label at the collection location. Your customer can then take the package to any UPS retail location or UPS Access Point, or request a UPS On-Call Collection®.
  • 3 UPS Pickup Attempts (UPS 3 Attempts Returns Plus): A UPS driver will attempt to collect the package over three business days; after the third attempt, the return label will be sent back to UPS.

Manage Your Inventory Better with Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics can bring great value to your bottom line--better manage and re-integrate your returned materials for streamlined practices, reduced waste, and continuing profits from your existing products. Refund or replace customer purchases quickly, and help reduce downtime for their repairs, as well.

*Source: IMRG Valuing Home Delivery Review, 2012

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