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Deliver a High Level of Service from Beginning to End

Customer experience is the key to your continued growth. Consumers have a limited amount of patience, and there's another company waiting for their business--prove that you deserve their shopping loyalty.

Superior Shipping

Consumers perceive their shopping experience to be one continuous process, meaning the delivery service you use becomes an extension of your business. With our wide range of shipping and delivery options, you'll have the ability to create an exceptional customer experience.

Since needs vary, we've got multiple modes of transportation moving at different speeds, so your business moves at the price and pace you need--and our reliability lets you build a reputation of customer satisfaction.

More Visibility

Minimise the man-hours needed to answer "Where is my package?" calls, and refocus customer service efforts on more pressing issues like product support or order completion. Automated UPS Tracking lets your customers self-serve and check the status of their packages with just a few clicks.

UPS Access Point™ Network

Build on the convenience of the online shopping experience; let your customers choose when and where to collect their deliveries.

Instead of waiting for deliveries at home--or missing them altogether--online shoppers can choose to collect their deliveries from a hand-picked UPS Access Point location (like a neighbourhood grocery store or petrol station). Your customers will enjoy more control and reliability while you demonstrate your commitment to customer service--and add value to your business.

UPS Mobile™

Choosing UPS means offering the convenience of on-the-go tracking through UPS Mobile. Customers can easily track package or freight shipments from their iPhone®, Android™, or Blackberry®. Put powerful tracking in your customers' hands--and keep up with their busy lifestyles.

Advanced Technology

Your customers want to know where their products are, and when they're being delivered. Consumers are looking for options, and they want your website to provide them. If you already have a team of developers, give them the power of UPS Developer Kit.

Our technology lets customers decide how fast they want your product delivered and see when they can expect it at their door. Give convenience and flexibility and make sure your services best fit your customers' needs.

Reliable Returns

A flexible returns policy can deliver customer satisfaction and fuel increased sales over time. Only 60% of online shoppers are happy with their package return experience*. You can help change that.

We've got more returns options than any other carrier, and features like pre-printed returns labels and high-value returns services add convenience and flexibility. They're hassle-free for your customers--and efficient and cost-effective for you.

*Source: IMRG Valuing Home Delivery Review, 2012

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