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We'll evaluate your shipment packaging processes in the three areas below.

Damage Prevention: Getting it Right the First Time

Packaging your products to prevent damage means that you can manufacture an item once and ship it once with fewer customer returns. What's more, you'll create savings by reducing the resources used to transport your goods, and you keep damaged items out of the waste stream. Overall, you can improve customer relationships and margins while using fewer resources.

We want to see if you package your shipments so that the contents arrive intact. Depending on what you're shipping, we'll run compression tests, impact tests, vibration tests, and shock tests to simulate the stresses on packages moving through the supply chain. All of our testing meets International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) standards.

Right Sizing: Product-to-Package Ratio

Reduce your packaging size by using a box that effectively holds your product and minimises empty space. That helps us fit as many boxes onto our trucks, planes, and freight carriers as we can to maximise efficiency. Choosing the right size package also reduces fill materials and paper waste.

UPS will evaluate your shipment packaging processes with calculations considering:

  • The size of your shipping containers in relation to the products themselves
  • The amount of fill materials used to protect your contents
  • The vehicles required to transport your shipment

Materials Content: Environmentally-conscious Packaging Practices

Make a greener choice in the materials you use to protect your products. We've figured out which materials are more sustainable for certain applications. We'll examine factors such as:

What happens to your shipping materials after your shipment is delivered?
We look at end-of-life scenarios such as recyclability, biodegradability, and reusability of materials.

What are your shipping materials made of?
Items made from post-consumer waste help conserve resources, but that's just the beginning when you're comparing the sustainability of various films, foams, wraps, and papers. Your materials must also be strong enough to protect your shipment in a variety of conditions.

What are the life cycle metrics?
We consider fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, biotic resource consumption, aquatic toxicity, mineral consumption, and eutrophication to determine the impact of your materials of choice.

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