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Shipment tracking, customs brokerage, and inbound-outbound scheduling can be a full-time job. Step back and get a broader perspective on your shipping activity with Quantum View® Manage. Get up-to-date information about shipments you send or those you're expecting from one Web-based format that is easily customizable.

Eliminate the need to look up shipments individually by tracking number. Quantum View Manage gives you a comprehensive look at every aspect of your shipping activity, online--right from your desk.

Improved Shipping Visibility
Your ability to focus on the big picture is what keeps you ahead of the competition. With help from Quantum View Manage, you can anticipate and resolve problems in the shipping room and beyond. Imports, exports, multi-modal shipment methods--you have insight into them all with Quantum View Manage.

You'll also appreciate the portability of Quantum View notifications, as e-mails detailing critical shipment status can be sent to you and your customers at intervals that you decide upon.

Inform Customers
With the convenience of automated e-mail, you can immediately inform your customers of exceptions or changes in scheduling information--you save time, cut costs, and improve your customer service.

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Quantum View Manage is free and available to customers with a UPS account. To gain access to Quantum View Manage, contact your UPS Sales Representative or UPS directly.

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