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Photo ID Requirement at Retail Shipping Locations
Service Update

The safety and security of our customers, business partners, and employees is of utmost concern. Our approach is a multi-layered approach to security, implementing additional security precautions to protect people, shipments, or our facilities. 

As a result, UPS is enhancing security measures around shipments that originate at retail shipping locations worldwide. 

Effective December 7, 2010, consumers who originate and tender a shipment to any retail shipping location will be required to show a government-issued photo ID as a form of identification. The photo must match the person tendering the shipment. 

This procedure is already in place in some UPS locations and is being expanded to include all retail shipping locations worldwide, including authorized shipping outlets, alliance and MBE locations, plus The UPS Store® franchisees. 

Customers who have already prepared a shipping label--for example, through their business or personal UPS account--are not currently required to present an ID.  

If sufficient verification of identity is not obtained at the retail shipping location, customers will not be allowed to ship via UPS services. Acceptable forms of ID include a government-issued passport, ID, or driver's license.

As always, we thank you for your business and for helping to enhance safety.

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