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Information concerning the new Export Declaration Service
Service Update

In general

With the new "Export Declaration Service" (EDS) UPS now offers formal export declaration on behalf of the customer. This service can be used for simplified formal export declarations up to 3.000 € or for regular formal export declarations with a shipment value above 3.000 €. The service is available on contractural basis only. The costs for this service are 30,00 Euro per export declaration (including 5 line items) and 3,00 Euro per additional line item.

Terminology according to ยง2 Foreign Trade Law (current version)

(1) An exporter is an individual or juristic person or company who is the contractual partner of the receiver in a third country at the point of time of the export and

1. who decides on the delivery of goods from Germany to a third country or
2. in case of of software and technology decides on its transfer from Germany to a third country including the electronic allocation in a third  country.

If the right of disposal of the goods belongs to an entitiy not located in Germany the domestic contractual partner of that entity is considered to be the exporter. In case that no export contract has been made or the contractual partner does not act for himself the person who really decides on the export is considered to be the exporter.

(2) Export means
1. the delivery of goods from the home to the third country and
2. the transfer of software and technology from the home to a third country including the electronic allocation in a third country for individual and juristical persons in third countries.

(3) The export consignement contains all goods which are exported by an exporter at the same time, through the same customs office of exit to the same destination country.


Regular export customs procedure and the customs office of Export (principle)
The export declaration has to be lodged at the customs office being responsible for the place the exporter is located or where the goods are packed or loaded for exportation. Exeptions are defined in the method of elimination.

Simplified export customs procedure and the customs office of Exit (simplification)
Goods not being subject to embargos or restrictions and whose value per shipment and declarant is not higher than 3.000 Euro can be declared at the customs office of exit.
The EU member states can stipulate that this rule does not apply to persons acting as a commercial customs broker on account of a third-party.

What you have to consider as an exporter:

- If you have more than one consignement or more than one recipient in the same destination country per day and if those shipments have in total a statistic value which is higher than 1.000 Euro a formal export declaration is required. Furthermore a formal export declaration is always required for goods needing an export permit (independent from the value).
- Your EORI number is required for filing an export declaration. If you do not have one please apply for it at:
Informations- und Wissensmanagement Zoll
Carusufer 3-5
01099 Dresden


You will get further information concerning the export declaration process from your appropriate customs office, under www.zoll.de or at your chamber of industry and commerce.
Furthermore you can ask there for possible specifics concerning the export of e. g. goods which are subject to regulatory approval.

If you have further questions concerning EDS please call our UPS service number 01806 882663 (20 cents / call from German fixed telephone network; max. 60 cents / call from mobile phones) or contact your UPS account representative.

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