SMS Tracking

SMS Tracking

Take Care of Business Anytime, Anywhere

In today's marketplace, time may be the most precious resource. Whether you're off-site or off-the-clock, you need access to critical shipping data.

Keep UPS Close at Hand

SMS Tracking lets you take the lead and request your shipment's tracking status be sent directly to your Web-enabled mobile device. This quick view of your high priority shipments gives you continued control and improved flexibility, allowing you to reduce delays, better serve your customers and enjoy greater peace of mind.

How It Works

As long as your mobile device has a data access plan* and you have a My UPS ID, you can request SMS Tracking. When you're tracking a package, select "Request Status Updates" to opt-in. You will need to do this for each shipment you'd like to monitor closely.

Registered users can share tracking updates with up to five phone numbers.

*SMS Tracking is dependent upon your data access plan and network coverage plan.

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Get automatic notifications when your shipments have been delivered.

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