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Saudi Arabia
Contact Information: Customer Care Call Centre Saudi Arabia 92000 2555

Customer Service
EIRAD Trading and Contracting Co. LTD, Authorized Service Contractor for UPS
Exit 17, Sulay
P.O. Box 63682
Riyadh , Central Province 11526
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: 920002555
Fax: +966-11-2441128

Riyadh - Country Office & Express Shop
EIRAD Trading and Contracting Co. LTD, Authorised Service Contractor for UPS
Riyadh Express Center, King Fahad Highway,
UPS / Eirad Building P.O. Box 63682
Riyadh, Central Province 11526
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-11-4626655 Ext 532 & 533
Fax.: +966-11-4613917

Riyadh - Al Faisaliah Tower Express Shop
Faisaliah Tower Ground Floor
P.O. Box 63682 King Fahad Highway, Olaya
Riyadh 11526
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-11-2734430
Tel.: +966-11-2734424

Riyadh - Khurais Road Express Shop
P.O Box 63682, Khurais Road
Adjacent to Pakistan International Airline office
Riyadh 11526
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-11-4614916

Buraidah - Express Shop
Al Khobeib Street
Buraidah, Qassim , Western Province 21436
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-16-3261570
Tel.: +966-16-3261580
Fax: +966-16-3261590

Hail - Express Shop
King Abdul Aziz Street
Beside Al Noor Poly Clinic
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-16-5343473
Tel.: +966-16-5343497
Fax: +966-16-5349349

Arar - Express Shop
King Abdul Aziz Street
Al Jazeera News Building
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-56-0221268

Sakaka - Express Shop
King Abdul Aziz St
Near Al Rajhi Bank
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-56-6369186

Jeddah - Sari Street Express Shop
Sari Street, Sari Mall, Beside Star Super Market
P.O. Box 23576
Jeddah 21463 , Western Province
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-12-6392384
Tel.: +966- 12- 6392375
Fax: +966-12- 6392412

Jeddah - Kings Road Tower Express Shop
Ground Floor, Kings Road Tower
Opposite Saudi Airline Office
Jeddah 21463
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-12-6067615

Jeddah - Madina Road Express Shop
Madina Road
Jeddah 21463
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-12-6570589
Fax: +966-12-6570528

Abha - Express Shop
Near Governor's Office (Behind Al Rajhi Bank)
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-17-2373500
Tel.: +966-17-2373600
Fax.: +966-17-2372328

Al-Baha - Express Shop
King Abdul Aziz Road
Opposite Tom Tom & Tazaj Resturant
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-17-7253073
Tel.: +966-17-7256814
Fax.: +966-17-7240798

Khamis Mushayat - Express Shop
Abha Highway Opposite to Shibily Showroom
Khamis Mushayat
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-17-2211118
Fax: +966-17-2373604

Jizan - Express Shop
Mutalla Road Al Thowheed Roundabout
Opposite Al Atheel Hotel
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-17-3213388
Tel.: +966-17-3235533

Najran - Express Shop
King Abdulaziz Street Faisaliya District
Opposite to SAPTCO.
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-17-5232277
Fax.: +966-17-5237733

Yanbu - Express Shop
Danat Hotel Front Sea Port
Jeddah Way
Yanbu 51000
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-14-3915572
Tel.: +966-14-3915573
Fax.: +966-14-3915472

Tabuk - Express Shop
King Khalid Road, Opposite Saudi Telecom
Subscription Office, Al-Fal Center
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-14-4217056

Madina - Express Shop
Al Goth Residency & Commercial Center
Tower 11, Across Sultana Street, 2nd Ring Road
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-14-8150284
Fax.: +966 14-8150283

Makkah - Express Shop
Old Makkah Jeddah Road
Al Hada Centre, Al Nuza District
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-12-5474446
Tel.: +966-12-5474044
Fax.: +966-12-5473050

UPS Operations Facility - Eastern Province
Dammam Khobar Highway
Al Khaldiah District
P.O. Box 4693
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-13-8595323
Fax.: +966-13-8595202
UPS Customer Care: 92000 2555

Dammam - Express Shop
Al Salam District
18th Street, before Herfy
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966 13 8025048

Jubail - Express Shop
Tareeq 118, Jubail Industrial City
Jubail , Eastern Province
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-13-3412252
Fax.: +966-13-3416609

Hofuf - Express Shop
Dhahran Street
Opposite Police Workshop/Technical College
Hofuf 31982
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-13-5856334
Fax.: +966-13-5850272

Hafer Al Batin - Express Shop
King Abdul Aziz Road, Hafer Al Batin
Hafer Al Batin , Eastern Province
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-50-586 3685

Khafji - Express Shop
Al-Baladiya Street
Khafji , Eastern Province
Saudi Arabia
Tel.: +966-13-7670727

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