Your UPS bill sent to you in PDF format, replacing your paper bill
Your UPS bill in a convenient, portable PDF document, with notification e-mails sent to addresses of your choosing on a regular basis. You'll receive notifications of new domestic, export, import, and LTL invoices, and can directly download them.
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Get Your Invoices Electronically
Get Your Invoices Electronically
You can reduce some of the clutter on your desk with UPS PDF Invoice, an electronic version of your traditional UPS paper bill. You'll get the same detailed information you receive on paper in a convenient PDF document that is easy to view, save, and share.

You will be sent an e-mail when a new invoice is ready to view online, days earlier than you would see a paper bill. Every time you log in, you'll see your most recent invoice and up to one year of historical invoices.

To switch to UPS PDF Invoice, select the link under Get Started. You'll need to log in or register with My UPS.
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