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When doing business in North America, bypassing distribution centers and shipping direct to retail stores or end consumers can result in a competitive advantage. As your merchandise flows between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico borders, UPS Trade Direct Cross Border can eliminate inefficiencies in your North American supply chain. This results in a cost savings to you and enhanced service for your customers.

Streamlined Supply Chain

Let UPS act as your single source for cross-border supply chain management needs. From pickup to delivery across the Mexico/U.S. and Canada/U.S. borders, UPS Trade Direct Cross Border is the integrated solution that lets you focus on improving service to your customers.

How Trade Direct Cross Border Helps Your Company

  • Lowers overall cross border supply chain costs - single source solution to move your freight and package shipments across North American borders
  • Real-time information, to respond to customer inquiries - single interface tracking capability and access to online shipping and tracking information for you and your customers
  • Streamlined processes by eliminating issues with multiple carrier bills - consolidated billing inclusive of all freight transportation, brokerage, duties, taxes, and package or LTL delivery services
  • Reduced time in transit and customs paperwork -consolidated customs clearance, cost-effective handling of product returns, warranty claims, parts exchanges, and reverse logistics

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