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Quantum View® Manage offers you five easy-to-use views into your shipping activity. Combined, Outbound, Inbound, Third Party, and Imports views help you keep an eye on the areas that concern you most, without overwhelming you with too much information. Use these tools to do anything from tracking a single shipment with or without a tracking number, to making sure that last container cleared customs.

Combined - Displays all of your available outbound, inbound, and third party paid shipments in one consolidated screen for quick, easy reference without requiring a tracking number.

Outbound - Easy-to-understand, searchable information about your sent shipments for use throughout your business.

Inbound - Complete visibility into your inbound shipments up to seven days in advance. Use this view to bill faster, eliminate customer service problems, and manage your supply chain more efficiently.

Third Party - Access to information about shipments billed to your account that were shipped by others (e.g., Third Party, Freight Collect, and Consignee Billing) to allow for better vendor management and customer service.

Imports - Enhanced import visibility to manage your package brokerage and customs information more effectively, thus avoiding delays and extra charges or tariffs. With online access to documents, in-transit troubleshooting of customs issues can be much simpler to solve.

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