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Cross-border trade is challenging, there are so many moving parts from transportation to customs that require seamless integration. And multiple hand-offs can compromise security and compliance, risking delays, fees, and penalties. Without coordinated movement every step of the way, a cost-effective advantage can quickly become a costly problem.

That's where UPS CrossBorder Connect comes in.

UPS CrossBorder Connect bundles the necessary transportation components north and south of the U.S.-Mexico border with the brokerage capabilities of the world's largest custom broker.

Single-source Provider of Integrated Management

UPS CrossBorder Connect leverages the assets and experience UPS already has in place on the border, bundling them together to enable an end-to-end solution from one provider. Communication is enhanced. Response time is reduced. And the chance for errors is minimized.

Balancing Speed and Cost Where You Need it Most

With air-freight like transit times (2-4 days to/from many major U.S./Mexico cities) at a discounted price, UPS CrossBorder Connect offers a unique alternative for freight shipping between the U.S. and Mexico. 

Clearing the Customs Hurdle

UPS's brokerage expertise helps expedite transit and reduce costly delays by ensuring compliance with both customs and border security agencies. By leveraging UPS's industry-leading U.S. brokerage capabilities and partnering with Mexican brokers, pre-verifying shipments helps eliminate the unloading and inspection of shipments at the border. 

Door-to-Door Visibility

Gain greater insight with complete visibility throughout the transport of your shipments. UPS tracking technologies and proactive notifications at each transit milestone add efficiency and flexibility to the planning process.

To learn more about UPS CrossBorder Connect, contact your UPS account representative.

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