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UPS Access Point

Online shopping is booming, and you can benefit from its huge consumer base even if your business doesn't have an online presence. Online customers often aren't home when a package is delivered, so it's difficult for them to receive their purchases. By becoming a UPS Access Point, you can help alleviate frustration for online shoppers in your neighbourhood--and increase traffic to your shop.

To better meet customer needs, we're building a network of outlets in Canada for the delivery and collection of UPS packages. Forty-one percent of online shoppers say the ability to select a convenient delivery location--like a neighbourhood shop--is an important part of the online check-out process*. That shop could be yours.

How It Works

Your role is simple: accept parcels from a UPS service provider and store them until they're collected by the customer. We provide you with training, phone support, and a UPS scanner to help make the process as easy as possible and keep your regular business running smoothly.

Little Effort, Loads of Benefits

As a UPS Access Point, you'll have access to potential new customers and you can create greater loyalty with those who already shop with you. Internal market research shows:

  • 70% of customers collecting parcels will live in the area but will be first-time visitors to your business
  • 25% of them will take the opportunity to make a purchase
  • 20% of them will return and become regular customers

Offering a convenient service like UPS Access Point can help differentiate you from your competition while making your business more noticeable to online shoppers already present in your community. There's no fee for applying to be a UPS Access Point, and in return for your services, we'll pay you for every UPS package that you accept at your store.

Attract new customers, generate growth, and get used to familiar faces--see what you can gain by becoming a UPS Access Point.

*From a March/April 2013 comScore survey of more than 1,000 Canadian online shoppers

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