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Import Control System
Service Update

As part of Europe's Community Customs Code, new security procedures known as the Import Control System (ICS) will come into effect on 1 January 2011. ICS is the electronic security declaration management system for importing goods into the European Union customs territory.

ICS will help customs authorities perform a risk analysis of shipments at the first point of entry into the EU by using electronic data prior to the physical arrival of the shipment. There is no current legal requirement to provide pre-arrival data, however as of next year, electronic Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) will become mandatory for all small package and freight shipments originating outside of the EU and destined within the 27 EU member states, Norway or Switzerland. Although different lead times apply for data submission, this regulation applies to all modes of transportation (air, road, sea, and rail).

UPS will take care of providing the necessary shipment information to customs authorities within the proper time window, either directly or via a third party. As is the case now, UPS will capture relevant customs data through its routine operational processes and automated shipping systems. The transition to ICS for both small package and freight shippers will therefore be seamless and transparent. Please be assured that ICS will not result in additional data entry for UPS customers, it can however result in more frequent security checks by customs authorities due to heightened security vigilance.

As the world's largest customs broker with more than 80 years of experience, you can rely on the fact that UPS clears more shipments through customs than any other carrier.

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