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Air freight shipping can be smooth and simple. Yes, really! We're here to help you optimise air freight shipping to get more goods through the door and speed invoicing to help you get paid sooner. Whether you ship a few pallets at a time or all the time, our free technology solutions give you the speed, flexibility, reliability and control your business needs. Plus, you'll have the confidence of shipping with one of the world's largest forwarders and benefit from using the same tools for package and freight shipments.

Air Freight with Less Wait

For occasional air freight shippers, these free online solutions let you ship and track quickly.

Air freight shipping on

If you've ever shipped packages online, you can use the same system to create freight shipments. A UPS shipping account is all you need. You get upfront estimates and options, and addresses are shared by a single account.

We include access to international forms - like Commercial Invoice or Certificate of Origin - and save those details to speed future deliveries. There's no paper trail to chase, because all the data your cargo needs to keep moving is there at the touch of a button. Bottom line? Fewer data-entry errors or clearance delays.

Proactive status alerts & easy online tracking

We make it easy to keep your customers informed about shipping status changes with email notifications. You tell us who to notify at any point in the shipping process. This same service keeps your team informed as well, so you can respond proactively to shipment delays.

Customers and team members can link directly from notification emails to access tracking status online and receive prompt proof of delivery to speed invoicing and cash flow. You can also track on by tracking number or reference number, with no login or registration required.

Robust Air Freight Shipping and Visibility

Streamline high-volume shipping with free global software solutions.

Upgrade your network to meet your demand

WorldShip® is a comprehensive technology that pairs with existing systems to help high-volume shippers spend less time chasing manifests and more time serving customers. This free shipping software connects to your order management, warehouse management and customer management systems, so you can meet the demands of high-volume distribution without costly delays.

Modernise your internal network to accommodate greater demand and create a cycle of success.


Synchronise tracking and anticipate arrivals

High-value or sensitive freight requires granular visibility. With Quantum View Manage®, you can view, save and share access to brokerage and shipping documents with every point of contact in your supply chain while goods are still in active transit. You can offer tracking status in as fine detail as your client demands. Quickly respond to changes on the ground with proactive shipment alerts.

Coordinate communication with customers to anticipate arrivals. You'll help to ensure that the right staff is there at the right time to easily facilitate potentially complicated freighted goods hand-offs.

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UPS Road Freight

When you're moving your freight across the Gulf, check out UPS Road Freight for an economical and reliable complement to air freight.