Pharma Logistics Solutions

When a patient is at the end of your supply chain, a lot is at stake. We're focused on pharmaceutical logistics solutions that help you get life-saving products to the people who need them quickly and safely, and with complete visibility and quality assurance along the way.

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Speed, security, and a better patient experience

Global Reach

Scale your business and strategically position your distribution operations closer to customers around the world with the power of the world’s largest integrated global healthcare logistics network behind you.

  • 2,000+ daily flights to 220 countries/territories
  • More than 950 global field stocking locations
  • 11MM+ square feet of cGMP space
  • 68 global HLD facilities
  • 5,500 global healthcare logistics personnel
  • 230+ quality assurance professionals

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Direct-to-Patient Solutions

Get critical specialty pharmaceuticals to your patients’ homes when they need them with services that cover all the bases. We can help you give your customers the speed, visibility, and control they demand.

  • Outsource your fulfillment
  • Ensure delivery of a viable product with cold chain logistics
  • Offer early morning and 7-day a week delivery options
  • Provide delivery tracking and management tools
  • Give your patients flexible local pick-up/drop-off location options
  • Bring therapy delivery right into your patients' homes
  • Create an easy and efficient return process
  • Ensure security with narcotics (CIV to CII) cage and vaults
  • Expedite fulfillment with end-of-runway pharmacies in the UK and US

Order to Cash Solutions

Provide world-class customer service while streamlining your cash flow, managing costs, and setting your business up to scale. We can manage your entire supply chain from order to payment so you can focus on improving lives.

  • Full call center outsourcing
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Order processing and invoicing
  • Accounts receivable/payable
  • Customer service and dispute resolution
  • Return authorizations
  • Credits/debits processing
  • Reporting and metrics

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Visibility and Monitoring

Gain better control over shipments with UPS Healthcare visibility and monitoring solutions

  • Automated tracking for your shipments
  • Proactive visibility and status alerts (small package)
  • Additional visibility into transportation, customs, purchase order and warehousing, and inventory tracking (freight)
  • Immediate delivery confirmation and custom reports

Reverse Logistics

Making it easier for patients to send something back is just as important as getting it there. We help you customize a secure, compliance-friendly reverse logistics flow to increase supply chain sustainability, manage costs, and improve customer loyalty.

  • Robust reverse logistics capability
  • Proactive product recall planning
  • Easy customer return and replacement solutions
  • Enhanced visibility across transportation modes
  • Global pharmaceutical return compliance management

Direct to Pharmacy Solutions

UPS can handle deliveries that must be signed for by the pharmacist-in-charge.

  • Delivery direct to the retail pharmacies, instead of the receiving dock
  • Delivery alert with customized instructions
  • Improve pharmacy inventory receipt by a minimum of one day
  • Reduct times spent on delivery confirmation requests

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