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How the New Carta Porte will Impact Mexican Imports

As global supply chains struggle to keep up with demand, many companies are looking to Mexico for relief.

US companies considering near-sourcing, and European companies looking to diversify their supplier base outside of Asia, should be aware of a new requirement that will be applied to all importation and exportation of goods in transit within Mexican territory. It will go into effect 1 October 2022.

To better understand the upcoming changes, though, let’s step back to understand what paperwork was previously required and what this additional Carta Porte required information is.

Typically, Mexican companies must submit an electronic invoice for shipments called the Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet or CFDI (a “digital tax receipt online” or electronic invoice). The CFDI requires companies with annual revenues of over $16K USD to use a digital tax receipt, or electronic invoice, that immediately verifies the identity and tax eligibility of a document signee. It determines custom duties, income information and tax amounts. More than a traditional commercial invoice, the CFDI has tax and legal implications. Though somewhat complex, it’s important to complete accurately. (If you need help, contact your UPS Customs Brokerage support team.)

So what changes are coming? The Complemento Carta Porte (Spanish for “Waybill complement”) requires new information and additional paperwork, that includes details about a shipment’s contents, the involved parties, point-of-pickup and destination, means of transportation (land, rail, sea, air) and more. Carta Porte information—in addition to all CFDI information—must be submitted electronically.

While the Carte Porte creates an additional paperwork compliance challenge in advance of shipping, the goal of the new law is to combat contraband and reduce illegal shipping activity.

Mexico is a key player for many companies working to improve their supply chain resiliency. Don’t let compliance with new regulations such as Carta Porte slow you down – UPS can help.

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