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UPS and WeChat: Ship, Track and Much More

UPS WeChat service account QR code
Scanning the QR code will lead you to UPS Official Service
Account on WeChat

The enhanced UPS Service Account in WeChat can make managing your shipments easier than ever before. From any WeChat-enabled mobile device, you can estimate time and cost of a shipment, ship a package, schedule a pickup and track progress. You can also view your historical shipments and rate our services.

Save time with automated features
If you are an existing UPS ID holder, your UPS Address Book will automatically import into WeChat once you sign in, helping you save time searching for addresses while reducing typing errors.

If you are a new user, simply create an UPS ID to start shipping. If you are a frequent shipper without an UPS account, you may create an account for better facilitation of your payment.

Cashless and hassle free
Simply pay UPS shipping-related expenses through WeChat Pay, as you would for any other purchases made through WeChat.

Stay in the know, on the go
Track and monitor your shipments in real-time, anytime, anywhere. And when you follow the official UPS WeChat account, you will get access to latest news, updates and shipping offers.

Get Started with UPS WeChat and Enjoy Shipping Discount. Offer ends September 30, 2022.
Get up to 71% off shipping on UPS WeChat service account when you key in promo code “UPSWX22”.

Download UPS WeChat Shipping GuideOpen the link in a new window