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Connect Your Business to UPS on the Web

Switch from WorldShip® and take advantage of online shipping at ups.com

As UPS online shipping continues to evolve, an increasing number of users benefit from the versatility and immediacy of web shipping solutions over current software processes. For these customers, we’ve developed a simplified data-migration tool to help make the switch. The WorldShip Migration Assistant reproduces your essential WorldShip data into our secure network, so you can start taking advantage of our web-based shipping experience straight away.


Get immediate feedback and data validation

On ups.com, you are linked to our servers and data libraries as you work, so errors and conflicts are identified and corrected straight away. Your selections also adjust the options you see, no more navigating through fields that you don’t need.

See detailed price estimates update as you work

New ups.com shipping starts estimating and displaying your price with the broadest possible data, refining and updating your quote as you go. You get active, immediate feedback on your choices, with a detailed breakdown of current costs and discounts by expanding the price bar.

Compare service options by price and calendar date of delivery

With your origin/destination and parcel details, UPS web shipping can show all available service lanes and options for your shipment. Based on the collection or drop-off date you select, you’ll see the date and time of delivery options laid out by cost.

Schedule your shipment and collection all at once

If you have Smart Pickup or need a collection service, you no longer have to make a separate schedule request; collections are built into new ups.com shipping as a logical part of your normal shipping flow.