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Indonesia Increases the De Minimis Threshold on Inbound Shipments

Updated Wednesday, June 28, 2017  

Effective April 27, 2017, Indonesia has implemented import regulation PMK 182/PMK.04/2016, with the following changes coming into effect:

- The de minimis exemption limit for imports into Indonesia has increased from USD 50 to USD 1001. The clearance process for goods above the de minimis exemption limit which was previously based on weight is now based on customs value.

- Shipments with customs value greater than USD 100 and less than or equal to USD 1,500 can qualify for either one of the following clearance processes: clearance by consignment note (with a single tariff of 7.5%) or clearance by submission of PIBK/PIB2 import declarations.

- Shipments with customs value greater than USD 1,500 can be processed by PIBK2 or PIB2 import declarations.

Please continue to use the tracking tool on ups.com to check the latest delivery status information of your package.

For more information on the new regulation, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service Representatives.

1 Formal customs entries on certain goods may still be required, regardless of value.

2 PIB: Formal entry / PIBK: Simplified formal entry. Duties will be assessed based on the type of goods