Supply Chain Management with UPS Quantum View Manage®

Go ahead – micromanage. Your supply chain will thank you.

Quantum View Manage® provides consolidated visibility into your package and freight shipments, so you can proactively manage your supply chain. With powerful and customisable monitoring, notification and reporting tools, you’ll reduce costs while improving communication with customers, suppliers and team members.

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Who This Is For

Small to mid-sized businesses with light to heavy and domestic or international shipping requirements.

Your online shipping command centre. Total control, totally free.

Visibility, flexibility, accessibility, portability. With Quantum View Manage, you control when, where, how much and even who receives information about shipments. Configure status notifications for you and your customers via email and SMS. Set triggers to automate processes such as invoicing. Combine different views and filters to provide exactly the type and amount of information that you most need to view and report. All enabling you to anticipate and solve for delivery and downstream issues, improving customer service and satisfaction.

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