UPS Returns Manager

Better control of customer returns means a better bottom line.

Offer your customers the convenience of pre-authorized returns, without sacrificing inventory control or flexibility needed to keep your supply chain moving. UPS Returns Manager™ is a portal on that lets you create returns policies for the products you ship to your customers. You get all the information you need at the start to anticipate impacts to inventory and route your returns for repair, repackaging, or restocking.

With a UPS Returns Manager-enabled account, domestic and intra-EU shipments are pre-authorized for customer returns. Returns labels are available for these shipments through tracking or a UPS delivered email. You retain full order lifecycle visibility of outbound and inbound returns movement without IT development costs and integration.

The ability to successfully manage returns is a crucial part of ecommerce success. This innovative platform helps you:

  • Set the eligible return period – Unlike pre-printed returns labels with open-ended use, or emailed labels with inflexible 30-day activation periods, you set to-the-day eligibility of labels according to your pre-determined returns policies.
  • Establish and revise reasons for return options – Customers select grounds for return from the list of valid reasons you choose or provide. You can also collect additional comments if you need more detail.
  • Choose return address and service level Your returns policies let you control the speed and destination of return shipments to avoid processing delays.
  • Include reference numbers – Automatically assign matching values for packages on return, for easier tracking and inventory.
  • Create labels on customers' behalf – It's just as easy for call center representatives to generate electronic labels for customers on request when necessary, through the web portal and sent by email or to The UPS Store™ to print.

All in all it's a smoother, more hassle-free experience that builds loyalty and confidence in your customers, and many happy returns for your business.

UPS Returns Manager is free and available immediately when activated by a UPS account executive for one or more business accounts. Call yours today or contact us to get started.

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