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UPS Trade Direct

Keep your products moving across borders and around the world.

When products cross borders, factors such as fulfillment speed, inventory costs, and compliance get more complicated. UPS Trade Direct provides strategies for getting your goods to customers days or even weeks faster. By consolidating your shipments, we can reduce your overall freight transportation and customs brokerage costs, and bypass distribution centers to reduce inventory ownership time by up to 20 days. Increase your global competitive edge while streamlining customs clearance and simplifying the path to your customers.

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Who This Is For

Mid-sized to large businesses with current import/export needs, or seeking to grow their international customer base or expand geographically into new markets–without the heavy investment in infrastructure.

Your Direct Line to International Customers

With UPS Trade Direct, we'll consolidate your packages and freight into pallets, transport the pallet to your destination country, clear it through customs as a single entry, then distribute and deliver to multiple addresses. This strategy eliminates the need for multiple carriers and multiple customs clearances, and can help improve customs compliance. You'll also streamline your fulfillment process, saving significant time and costs—and even expediting your order-to-payment cycle.

We offer several UPS Trade Direct services to best meet your international supply chain needs and increase your competitive edge.

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