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Global trade is complex, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Whether your customers are located in a small corner of the world or scattered across multiple continents, we can help you navigate the sea of ever-changing regulations.

You'll have access to our international network of warehouses, transportation services, and trade solutions, so you can open the door to new opportunities in new markets.

Reach international customers at the speed and cost you need

You can get your shipments there by ocean, air, ground or rail, or any combination that best meets your needs.

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We offer express shipping services with a one-to-three day delivery guarantee throughout the world

UPS Worldwide Express

UPS Worldwide Express Plus

Economical Expedited shipping provides fast service for less-urgent international shipments UPS Worldwide Expedited

Fast, reliable and guaranteed solution for palletized shipments over 150 pounds

UPS Worldwide Express Freight

  • Take the complexity out of compliance

    As the world's largest customs broker, with over 400 local customs offices in more than 60 countries, we can help you manage ever-changing regulations. Whether we act as your agent or consult with you on market characteristics or compliance issues, we can help you sell across borders with confidence.

  • End customs documentation headaches

    Spend less time worrying about paper customs documentation slowing down your international shipments. UPS Paperless Invoice works with UPS shipping tools, making processing your shipments through customs seamless. Commercial invoices are transmitted with your shipments to speed and ease clearance.

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