Address Books

Automatically Retrieve Stored Addresses

UPS CampusShip puts the power of automated, online shipping directly into your hands, right at your desk. Among its numerous time-saving functions, this Web-based system features address books that allow you to store and retrieve addresses you can use to fill in your shipping forms automatically.

Search and select from a Corporate Address Book, if your company has established one, or from your Microsoft® Outlook® Address Book. You can also build a Personal Address Book with up to 2000 contacts for your personal addresses. You can save addresses to your Personal Address Book while shipping or import addresses to it.

How To Enter New Addresses

UPS CampusShip allows you to create and store up to 2,000 addresses in your own personal address book. If your company has established a Corporate Address Book, and your privilege settings include this feature, you can also access those addresses when shipping.

You can create a new address in My Settings.

How To Select Addresses from an External Source

Before you can select addresses from your external address book, you must download and install the External Address Book Plugin.

  1. Log in.
  2. Select the External Address Book link under Begin Your Shipment.
  3. Select Next to install, then Finish.

Note: You must have Administrative Rights for the Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, or Windows® 7 operating systems to install the External Address Book Plugin.

After you have installed the External Address Book Plugin, you will be able to select addresses from your Outlook® Address Book and they will automatically display on your shipping screen:

  1. Log in.
  2. Select the External Address Book link under Begin Your Shipment.
  3. Type name or select from list, then OK.
  4. Complete your shipment.