API Integrations – Instructions for Developers

How to Integrate UPS APIs

Ready to implement a customised integration of UPS APIs for your specific systems, platforms and software? Then you've come to the right place.

Please Note: Customisation requires expertise and resources, and only programmers who are knowledgeable in XML/Web Service coding are qualified to integrate the UPS APIs. To ensure your business system or website is properly programmed and integrated, it's recommended that a member of your Information Technology (IT) department or a qualified third-party Integrator handle the process to implement, program, test and certify any UPS functionality.

The process for integrating the APIs is the same for all developers, as described in the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Implement: To ensure that our API will work with your specific systems, be sure to conduct these preliminary tasks.
    • First, review the requirements for each API carefully at the UPS Developer Kit page at UPS.com.
    • Second, download the Software Developer Kit (SDK) and carefully review the entire Developer Guide for the API you plan to integrate. The Developer Kit also includes sample code and WSDLs.
    • Third, request access to the UPS test environment. Most APIs provide immediate access to both test and production environments. However, the following APIs require a second request to activate production access:
      • Address Validation – Street Level
      • Locator
      • Collect
      • Rating (LTL Freight only)
      • Shipping
  • Test: UPS provides a testing environment that is available with an Access Key for all APIs. This will allow you to simulate live-request and response messaging to ensure that you have properly formatted your XML or Web Service requests.

  • Move to production: Once files have been submitted to and approved by the UPS certification team, production access is granted. The email address for submitting files is included within the most current Developer Guide for each API.

  • Get Technical Support: You can obtain email support through UPS.com at any time. Attach a file with your email support request that includes your XML request/response messages and errors. 
    First-level Technical Support will respond the next day (this excludes holidays). If your problem log is escalated to third-level Technical Support, you will get a response by the next business day (excluding holidays).
    Finally, if your issue is urgent and you require immediate assistance, you can call the Technical Support desk at +41442115700.


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