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Download Rate and Service Guide

Download Rate and Service Guide
Review the UPS Rate Guide to find your shipping costs for each available service and all the information necessary to get your package prepared, processed, and shipped. The Service Guide offers you helpful information about payment options, prohibited articles, dangerous goods, and more.
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China and Hong Kong Origin Peak Small Package Surcharge

In 2017, demand for air space has consistently outpaced capacity due to a steadily growing economy.  Our goal is to help every customer obtain the scarce delivery capacity they need, along with predictable and timely service.  During periods of extreme volume surge, UPS must flex its delivery network to keep up with demand.  To offset some of the additional investments required to provide outstanding service quality during this critical period, UPS will implement a Peak Surcharge on small package shipments.  Effective September 17, 2017, this surcharge will apply to shipments from China and Hong Kong to Canada, the U.S., Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The Peak Surcharge will be based on rates per Pound/Kilogram, calculated based on billable weight for designated periods and applicable by destination.  This surcharge is in addition to all existing rates, charges, surcharges and fees. 

Click here for the list of applicable Peak Surcharges by periods and destinations