UPS Smart Pickup®

UPS Smart Pickup® combines the predictability of an automatic Daily Pickup with the flexibility of requesting a pickup on demand. Having UPS come to your business only when you have a package to ship saves fuel and can reduce carbon emissions.


The UPS Smart Pickup option uses innovative technology to automatically arrange a pickup only when you have packages to ship. When you process a shipment using WorldShip®, UPS Internet Shipping or UPS CampusShip®, the system automatically notifies a UPS driver to make a UPS Smart Pickup that same day to pick up all prepared packages. If a package is processed too late in the day to notify the UPS driver to pick up your package the same day, you can schedule a UPS Smart Pickup for the following day, request a UPS On-Call Pickup®, or find a UPS location to drop off your shipment.


These details pertain to UPS Smart Pickup:

  • UPS Smart Pickup is available to UPS account holders for all UPS services from valid locations across Canada.
      • Choose the scheduled pickup time when you open your payment account or edit your account options.
      • The UPS Smart Pickup notify time is generally one hour before your scheduled pickup time.
    • The first package of the day must be processed before the notify time in order to receive a pickup that same day.
      • The UPS driver will pick up any additional packages ready at the time of pickup.
    • In the event that the first shipment of the day is processed after the notify time, you may:
      • Schedule a UPS Smart Pickup for the next business day.
      • Schedule a UPS On-Call Pickup for the same day, if available.
      • Find a UPS drop-off location
    • UPS Smart Pickup is available to customers using UPS WorldShip, UPS Internet Shipping, or UPS CampusShip. 


    Along with predictability and flexibility, other benefits of UPS Smart Pickup include:

    • Convenience of having UPS automatically make a pick up on days you have packages to ship.
    • Reduced impact to the environment by having UPS make a pickup only on days you have packages to ship.
    • If you have a shipment after the UPS driver has made the scheduled pickup, you can schedule a UPS On-Call Pickup or drop off your shipments at a UPS drop-off location.