Day-Specific Pickup

You select the days of the week that you would like UPS to make a scheduled pickup. By selecting this option, you reduce unnecessary pickup stops, which helps reduce carbon emissions.


A UPS driver automatically stops by your location on days that you decide are best for your business.


Weekly Billing TotalFee
$0.00 - $49.99 1 Days: $3.25
2 Days: $6.50
3 Days: $9.75
4 Days: $13.00
$50.00 or more 1 Days: $2.00
2 Days: $4.00
3 Days: $6.00
4 Days: $7.00

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These details pertain to Day-Specific Pickup:

  • Select which days of the week, Monday through Friday, you would like UPS to make scheduled pickups. UPS will only come on those days at your designated scheduled pickup time.
  • Up to four days can be selected per week.
  • This option is best for customers who ship on specific days.
  • This option is available to UPS account holders for all UPS services from valid origins across Canada.
  • Available Monday through Friday, excluding UPS holidays. If you have a Day-Specific Pickup that falls on a scheduled UPS holiday, we will automatically set up a scheduled pickup for you for the next UPS business day.
  • The weekly service fee will vary based on the number of pickup days selected.


Day-Specific collection offers flexibility and convenience and helps reduce carbon emissions because we only pickup on the days you need us to.