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UPS My Choice® for home

Making package delivery more convenient.

When you sign up for UPS My Choice®, we alert you to incoming shipments and give you the flexibility to reschedule, redirect or have your packages delivered to a UPS Access Point™ location when you are unavailable to receive your packages.

With your UPS My Choice Membership, you can set your preferences – like SMS text, voice or email alerts – and determine your priorities when it comes to managing your UPS home deliveries.

To help make sure your packages are delivered on your schedule, UPS My Choice members have several options from which to choose:

  • Delivery Alerts

    UPS My Choice® Delivery Alerts inform you about your inbound UPS deliveries so you can plan your day.

  • Delivery Planner

    Get a day, week or month's view of all eligible inbound UPS packages, and reschedule or redirect your packages as needed.

  • Estimated Delivery Time

    Know when your package is on the way, so you can plan deliveries in advance.

  • Hold for Will Call

    Have your packages held for collection at a UPS Customer Centre.

  • Deliver to a UPS Access Point™ Location

    Have your packages delivered to a UPS Access Point location and collect them at a time that best suits your daily routine. 

  • Reschedule Delivery

    Have your packages delivered on a different day.

  • Deliver to Another Address

    Have your packages delivered to another address.
    Note: Changing the delivery address of your package could delay your scheduled delivery date. Additional transportation charges may apply.

Which tracking tool is right for you?

UPS My Choice® for home

  • Track multiple inbound deliveries simultaneously
  • Get up-to-date delivery alerts
  • Reroute or reschedule deliveries
  • Self-register online with a home address

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UPS My Choice® for business

  • Manage all inbound and outbound shipments with interactive dashboards
  • Receive estimated delivery windows and alerts
  • Add multiple users within your company
  • Self-register online with a business address

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