Document Imaging

Streamline Your Documentation Processes

Streamline your documentation processes and help satisfy customs recordkeeping obligations with document imaging.

Digital imaging technology records your trade documentation and turns a labour-intensive process into a driver of efficiency. When used with our brokerage services, document imaging can help you manage compliance more efficiently.

Combine document imaging with global trade and visibility solutions such as TradeAbility®, Quantum View® Manage and Flex Global ViewTM, and get a real-time view into your global trade activities, automating management of your documentation processes.

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What Document Imaging Does for You

Access to a digital version of your shipment's documentation lets you make any necessary changes immediately so you can complete the shipment. Additionally, you can integrate digital documents into international trade management applications with a minimum of effort. Document imaging takes the paperwork out of document changes, by taking the paper out of the process.

Additional Benefits:

  • Secure online access to your documents available 24x7 via Flex Global View
  • Reduced resources needed to receive, store and index hard copies of required records
  • Enhanced efficiency for retrieval of your stored records
  • Increased ability to share information and integrate documents into your business processes 
  • Immediate availability of information, resulting in a faster audit cycle
  • Easier archival of your customs records via FTP feed or CD-ROM

Learn About TradeAbility

Learn About Quantum View Manage

Learn About Flex Global View

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