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Welcome to the WorldShip® Message Centre. This area will be used to alert you to features and functionality that can improve your WorldShip experience, including new features for WorldShip. When there is a new message, the Message Center envelope on the ribbon will have an orange exclamation point to direct you here.

Known Issue:

Error: WorldShip will not start and is frozen at Initializing NRF (33%) at startup.
Solution: Please contact the WorldShip Help Desk for assistance in the U.S. at 888-553-1118 or you can select the WorldShip ‘Support’ tab to view the contact list for other countries or territories.

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A new trade agreement for North America.

Effective July 1, 2020, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will be replaced. The name of the new agreement for the U.S. is the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), Canada-United States Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) in Canada, and T-MEC in Mexico.  

After June 30, 2020, NAFTA will no longer be valid and the new USMCA form must be used. It can be accessed by selecting ‘Access Additional Forms’ from the ‘Customs Documentation’ tab in WorldShip or via at: Once complete, you will need to print out the form and attach it to your shipment.

You may use the ‘Upload my Forms’ feature to electronically attach the new form to your shipment. You can enable ‘Upload my Forms’ by enrolling for Paperless Invoice on at

Additional information about these trade agreement changes is available at

If you need assistance to determine if your goods qualify for USMCA/CUSMA/TMEC, please contact a trade professional at

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WorldShip Data Security – Important TLS 1.2 Information

Because TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 have known security vulnerabilities, we will soon discontinue accepting data transmissions from computers using these protocols. All computers on which your company is running WorldShip must have TLS 1.2 enabled in the Windows® registry by the end of September 2019. After this deadline WorldShip will be unable to transmit data to UPS, and will subsequently prevent you from printing shipping labels until TLS 1.2 is enabled in the computer’s registry.

Some WorldShip features also require your computer’s Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser settings to have TLS 1.2 enabled. If your Internet Explorer browser settings do not have TLS 1.2 enabled, the following WorldShip features may not work as expected:

  • Address Validation
  • Time in Transit Calculations
  • Freight Rating & Shipping
  • Dangerous Goods Validation
  • Incremental PLD Upload (very important for export shipments)

What You Should Do

You or an authorized person in your company should immediately check the Windows® registry and Internet Explorer browser settings on your computers running WorldShip and ensure that the TLS 1.2 security protocol is enabled. This must be completed by someone with Windows® ‘Administrator’ rights. The UPS WorldShip support team is available to assist you with this process in the U.S. on +1 888 553 1118 or you can select the WorldShip ‘Support’ tab to view the contact list for other countries or territories.

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WorldShip: Upgrading a Workgroup Configuration

WorldShip includes enhanced database security features that are compliant with Microsoft® Group Policy. We encourage you to upgrade your workgroup (LAN) configuration as soon as possible to take advantage of this improvement.

When upgrading your workgroup configuration to WorldShip, remember that all Remote Workstations must be upgraded after the Administrator Workstation is upgraded. After upgrading the Administrator Workstation, the Remote Workstations cannot be used until they are also upgraded. Both the Administrator Workstation and Remote Workstation(s) must run the same version of WorldShip.

Due to security enhancements in WorldShip, the Remote Workstation will no longer automatically prompt your users to upgrade. If a user attempts to use the Remote Workstation before it has been upgraded but after the Administrator Workstation is upgraded, a message will be displayed saying there has been an error connecting to the database. This error can be resolved by upgrading the Remote Workstation to WorldShip.

WorldShip Remote Workstation Upgrade Process

To begin the upgrade of the Remote Workstation, open the WorldShip shared directory (shared network drive location) from the Remote Workstation and run the WorldShip setup application. If you prefer, you may also start the upgrade using the WorldShip DVD or web download.

Download WorldShip

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WorldShip to End Compatibility with Unsupported Versions of Windows®

Data security is very important to UPS, and we know it is important to your company too. Microsoft® no longer supports versions of its Windows operating system older than Windows 8. Computers running those unsupported versions might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses*. 

We recommend you check all of your computers on which WorldShip is installed and ensure they are running Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. If not, an upgrade to your operating system will be necessary.

WorldShip Backup and Install Process

If you are upgrading your operating system or are moving your WorldShip installation to a new computer, we recommend you install the latest version of WorldShip. In addition to performance and security benefits, WorldShip provides access to all the latest UPS products and services. These instructions explain how to back up your data and complete the installation:

Moving WorldShip to a New PC (English only)

* Source: Microsoft

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Improve Your Customers’ Delivery Experience with New Automated Day Before Delivery Email Notifications

Help reduce “Where is my package?” calls and returns due to non-delivery with automated Day Before Delivery alerts. The alerts are free for shippers and receivers and are sent to delivery recipients one day prior to the expected delivery date. In the US, alerts are sent only to recipients of residential packages. 

Contact your local country or territory support number to learn moreOpen the link in a new window

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Dangerous Goods Shippers

For shippers that manage chemical tables through an external database or by import/export mappings, new fields required for WorldShip 2017 and newer versions must be added before Dangerous Goods shipments can be completed.

Learn more about processing a Dangerous Goods shipmentOpen the link in a new window

Shipping Dangerous Goods Globally

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