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How do I upload my package user-created export documents?

In order to upload your user-created export documents for packages, you will need to have an Upload Forms contract. Once the contract is enabled in your WorldShip shipping application:

  1. Enter a ship to address located in another country that also supports electronic or paperless forms. For example, if your WorldShip shipping application is commissioned in Germany, then enter a ship to address located in the United States. Note: Both the origin and destination must support electronic or paperless forms.
  2. Complete the required fields highlighted in blue. They are: UPS Service, Package Type, General Desc. of Goods, Bill Transportation To, Bill Duty and Tax To, and Package/Shipment Weight.
  3. Enter additional options by selecting the Options tab.
  4. To upload your user-created forms, select the Customs Documentation tab.
  5. Check the Upload My Forms checkbox. A WorldShip dialog will display additional information about when you can upload your forms. Select OK. Note: You can disable this message from displaying again by selecting the checkbox for Do Not Show Again.
  6. Select Process Shipment or F10. The Upload My Forms dialog will display.
  7. Select Browse to locate the document(s) you are uploading and select Open. Note: Only documents with an extension of bmp, doc, gif, jpg, pdf, png, rtf, tif, txt, docx, xlsx, or xls are supported.
  8. The file path to where your user-created forms are stored is listed under the File Name with a status of Not Uploaded. Beneath the file path of your user-created forms, you must enter a number in the Number of Forms column for the type of form you are uploading.
  9. Select OK. Your package will be processed.
  10. Select the History icon to view your user-created forms associated with your international shipment by expanding the Weekday's Pending Pickup node and then the account number node.
  11. Highlight the ship to name and select the User Uploaded Forms tab.
  12. Select View Forms to view the forms that were uploaded.
  13. You can add additional user-created forms or delete the existing ones by selecting the Add/Delete Forms button.

After you have run an end of day, you will only be able to view your user-created forms by selecting the View Forms link.