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What views does Quantum View Manage support?

Quantum View® Manage offers you five summary views into your transportation activity. These Combined, Outbound, Inbound, Third Party, and Imports views help you monitor the shipments that are most important to you. Each view supports a number of features to help you better manage your business processes.

  • The Combined view displays all of your available outbound, inbound and third party paid shipments in one consolidated screen for quick, easy reference without requiring a tracking number.
  • The Inbound view gives you complete visibility into your inbound shipments up to seven days in advance. With the ability to forecast the arrival of critical shipments, you can more effectively staff and streamline your operations.
  • The Outbound view provides a centralized view of all shipments that your company has shipped. Use the Outbound view to gain efficiencies through improved customer service, enhanced visibility across departments, and accelerated cash flow by knowing when customers have received their orders. You can also use the Outbound view to proactively monitor and manage your critical shipments to prevent delays and avoid returned shipments.
  • The Third Party view provides access to information about shipments billed to your account that were shipped by others. With this visibility, you can better manage your vendor relationships and improve your customer service.
  • The Imports view provides enhanced visibility to your brokerage and customs compliance information. Use the Imports view to avoid clearance delays and improve your compliance processes. With online access to compliance document images, you can troubleshoot problems and customs issues while shipments are in transit.

To request access to Quantum View Manage, contact your company administrator or UPS Account Representative.