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Holiday Shipping

Holiday Shipping with UPS

UPS has been hard at work to ensure a smooth 2018 holiday season and to provide the reliable service that you trust us to deliver year-round. The speed and variability of online ordering creates exceptional complexity for our network. To address this opportunity, we are committed to expanding our global smart logistics network, which will provide increased capacity, real-time technology and operational efficiencies.

Investments in new aircraft and facilities, advanced operational technology, detailed network planning and enhanced efficiencies will allow us to better process dramatic increases in holiday volume. You can be rest assured that we are prepared and ready to deliver during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Holiday Shipping Resources

Learn more about ways to manage your holiday shipments through the UPS Access Point network and by registering for UPS My Choice® service. 

The most up-to-date transit time details will be available at Calculate Time and Cost at the time of shipping. 

Peak surcharges may apply to shipments during designated peak shipping periods. To learn more about these surcharges and when they apply, view our UPS Peak Surcharges. As a reminder, packages that exceed UPS weight or size limitations are not accepted within our package network. Download our 2018 year-end holiday schedule below for quick access to important shipping dates, holiday service guarantees and last days to ship.

Download Our 2018 Year-End Holiday ScheduleOpen the link in a new window

Download NAAF 2018 Year-End Holiday Schedule Open the link in a new window

Create Holiday Shipments

Whether you're shipping toys, gadgets, cookies or golf clubs, the holiday shipping process can be made easier when you use UPS. Just look to our expert packing advice, then start your shipments online.

Pack Like a Pro: Packaging Guidelines

Packaging Advisor: Toys, Electronics and More

Start Your Shipment Online

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can help reduce costs and stress, and ensure that your packages arrive on time.

Solve a Problem

Missing a package? Inclement weather? We're committed to solving your problem as quickly as we can.