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Holiday Shipping

Holiday Shipping with UPS

While you anticipate the joy of the holiday season and wait for loved ones to arrive, let us take care of getting your packages to their destinations, when they need to be there.

Check Our Holiday Schedule for Pickup and Delivery Dates

It can take a lot of energy to find the perfect gift, but we've got a quick and convenient service to get it there in time. Download our holiday schedule to find out the best date for your pickup so your shipment arrives at the right time.  

Download Our Year-End Holiday ScheduleOpen the link in a new window

Download Our Air Freight Holiday ScheduleOpen the link in a new window

Create Holiday Shipments

Whether you're shipping toys, gadgets, cookies or golf clubs, the holiday shipping process can be made easier when you use UPS. Just look to our expert packing advice, then start your shipments online.

Pack Like a Pro: Packaging Guidelines

Packaging Advisor: Toys, Electronics and More

Start Your Shipment Online

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can help reduce costs and stress, and ensure that your packages arrive on time.

Solve a Problem

Missing a package? Inclement weather? We're committed to solving your problem as quickly as we can.