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Save Time and Money with Efficient Customs Clearance

UPS makes Customs Brokerage easy, whether the shipment is carried by UPS or another Carrier, and for all modes of transport -- air, ground, rail, or ocean. When UPS handles both the shipping and the brokerage, everything is streamlined. Our advanced tracking system follows your goods as they speed their way from the shipper, through customs, to the importer. UPS is fully accountable, every step of the way.

Save Money

  • Enjoy free customs clearance on UPS Express and UPS Expedited shipments
  • When UPS is your designated broker for these shipments there is no charge for routine clearance including formal entries for shipments of up to five tariff lines; charges may apply for complex customs clearance procedures
  • UPS Brokerage rates are extremely competitive, and there are even more advantages when UPS is both the carrier and the broker


Save Time

  • When UPS is the carrier, UPS Brokerage automatically receives advance notice of the shipment's arrival, allowing an early start on the processing to ensure a speedy release
  • For shipments arriving via another carrier, ask your shipper to write UPS Brokerage on all documents and instruct the driver to notify UPS Brokerage for customs clearance; when your shipments reach the border, they'll come straight to our attention -- no confusion, no delay