Export Documentation

Export Documentation

Effective May 16, 2005

When exporting goods from Canada to international destinations (other than the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) requires the exporter to declare all shipments prior to export. This is a Canadian governmental regulation to ensure the collection of accurate export trade statistics and to protect the destination country from any prohibited commodities.


Failing to report exports to these destinations valued at $2,000 CAD or more can result in penalties ranging from warnings to fines of up to $3,000. Failure to report any controlled or regulated goods (regardless of value or destination) is also subject to penalties and fines from CBSA.

UPS will audit and detain any export shipments, which have not been properly reported to CBSA. A Customs Automated Export Declaration report (CAED), hard copy B13A form or Summary Reporting Approval Letter must be included with each export shipment sent to international destinations.

How can I declare?

There are three ways to submit your export declaration to CBSA:

1. Electronic B13A Form

The Canadian Automated Export Declaration (CAED) is a fast and easy way to report exports. This allows you to report your exports electronically through the Internet.

UPS would require a paper copy of this electronic CAED report with any other export documents to submit to Customs as proof it has been pre-declared.

The CAED program is available on the Internet at Statistics Canada and the software is free of charge. For more information on CAED, Statistics Canada can be reached at 1-800-257-2434.

UPS recommends this method of declaration which will simplify and improve the reporting process with less impact to your business.

2. Paper-based B13A Form

As an exporter, you can also submit your B13A via hard copy. All fields on this document must be filled out completely and accurately. New legislation requires exporters submit this copy to their local Customs Office in person at least two hours before departure and have the form stamped with an export control number. The B13A needs to be completed in three copies and each copy of the B13A must have an original/identical stamp.

UPS requires that one B13A with a stamped export report number be included with the export shipping documents and placed on the package. UPS will surrender the B13A, permits, certificates or licenses to Customs at the last point of exit on their behalf. An updated template copy of this form can be found in our free UPS Connect software or you can download the form from the CBSA website.

3. Summary Reporting Method

Only certain exporters qualify for this process through CBSA. It is normally geared to exporters shipping more than 250 shipments per year. The Summary Reporting Method allows the approved exporter to submit their data on a monthly basis to CBSA therefore not requiring the B13A.

If you are using the Summary Reporting Method, UPS requires a copy of the Customs approval letter for this method of reporting, showing your summary identification number. This is also to be included with the export documentation on each shipment.

If you are interested in applying for this program, you must contact Program Services at your regional Customs office. To find your regional office, please visit Canada Border Services Agency at www.cbsa.gc.ca. For more information on summary reporting, please call CBSA at 1-800-461-9999.

If you would like to find out more about the CBSA and export regulations, please call Canada Border Services Agency at 1-800-461-9999 or visit their website at www.cbsa.gc.ca/export.

Quick Reference Table

Exporting Goods from Canada

Documents Required from Exporters Prior to Export

Type of Goods

U.S. Destinations
(Includes Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands)

All Other Destinations
(Includes goods moving through the U.S. to foreign destinations)

Controlled Goods
(Regardless of Value)

  • Permit, Certificate, or License
  • Documents required by other Government Departments (if applicable)
  • Permit, Certificate, or License
  • Documents required by other Government Departments (if applicable)
  • Form B13A, Export Declaration

Non-Controlled Goods

  • Export Declaration is not required
  • Export Declaration (for goods valued at CAN$2,000 or more)