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Customs Ancillary Services

Customs Ancillary Services

Effective January 2, 2008

In the age of new compliance regulations and heightened security, it is very important to all importers to ensure that they are compliant with all customs regulations. UPS Brokerage offers services that are invaluable to the compliance-conscious importer. Contact your UPS Representative or call 1-888-520-9090 for more information on these services.

Duty & Tax Recovery Services

Duty & Tax Amendment: UPS can file an amendment with the CBSA in order to correct inaccurate customs related information on your entry documents. A fee applies for this service.

Low-Value Shipment Amendment: UPS can correct any customs related information on your entry documents for a shipment valued at less than $1,600. The error must be identified on or before the 10th of the month following the shipping date. If the error is identified after the 10th of the following month, a duty & tax amendment must be completed. A fee applies for this service.