Forms and Labels

Canadian Services Waybill

Our Canadian Services Waybill is for use for shipments within Canada. It includes a barcode and tracking number right on the form, making it convenient to add the required service tracking label to the first package of a multiple shipment. Any additional packages in the shipment need only address details and a barcode tracking label for the selected service level.

Worldwide Services Waybill

Use our Worldwide Services Waybill for shipments being sent outside Canada to the U.S. and other international destinations. These waybills come with a matching number of plastic pouches. To use the Waybill, just fill it out, place it in our plastic waybill pouch along with any custom paperwork, and attach it to the package. Any multi-piece shipment must have a Worldwide Services Tracking Label on each additional package.

COD Documents

Regular C.O.D. Tag
Express C.O.D. Waybill

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