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Domestic Billing Options

Select Your Domestic Billing Option

UPS billing options give you the flexibility to choose your payment method or indicate the method of payment that best suits your customers.

  • Bill Shipper: The Shipper pays all shipping charges, including additional UPS service charges.
  • Bill Receiver: The consignee pays all the shipping charges. The receiver must be located in Canada and have an active UPS Account. A service charge of $6.50 CAD applies.
  • Bill Third Party: The shipper may request that the shipper's portion of the shipping charges be billed to an alternative party. The alternative party must have an active UPS Account. A service charge of $6.50 CAD applies.

For all billing options:

  • The shipper must notify the consignee prior to shipping if any option other than Shipper is selected; the billing option required must be indicated on the appropriate UPS pickup record in the space provided.
  • The shipper is liable for payment in the event of non-payment by the consignee or the alternative party.

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