UPS On-Call Pickup

Schedule a one-time pick-up, using any UPS shipping service, with UPS On-Call Pick-up®.

Pro Tip:

Keep in mind, you can always hand off a pre-labelled package to your UPS driver when they’re delivering to your home or place of business.

Here are the Details

UPS On Call Pick-up is best for customers who need a one-time pick-up.

  • Available for most addresses in CA.
  • Schedule a pick-up for the same day or a future date.
  • If you’re travelling, you can request a pickup at an alternative location.
  • If the pick-up occurs at a residential location, a Residential Surcharge will be added.
  • An Area Surcharge will apply for residential pick-ups designated by UPS as rural or extended. These fees do not apply to commercial locations.

Pro Tip:

If you consistently need one-time pick-ups, scheduling one of our recurring pick-up options may be a more economical option for you.

UPS On Call Pick-up Charges

Charge per Pick-up Charges
Same-Day Pick-up (phone-in request) $4.90 CAD
Same-Day Pick-up ( request) $3.35 CAD
Future-Day Pick-up (phone-in request) $3.05 CAD
Future-Day Pick-up (web request) $1.50 CAD


UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ pick-up or drop-off must be scheduled at or by calling +1-800-782-7892. UPS Worldwide Express Freight pick-up cannot be combined with UPS Ground, Air and International Services package pick-up.

Need a Different Pick-up Option?

Pick-up Every Weekday

A recurring scheduled pick-up each business day at a designated pick-up time.

Go to Daily Pick-up

Automatic Pick-up

A scheduled pick-up, only as needed. When you create your first shipment of the day, a pick-up is automatically scheduled.

Go to UPS Smart Pick-up®

Flexible Daily Pick-up

A more economical daily pick-up option – every weekday, when a driver is in your area.

Go To Daily On-Route Pick-up

Choose Your Pick-up Day

Pick-up on specific days, based on your needs. You can pre-select 1–4 business days each week.

Go to Day-Specific Pick-up