Dropping off a package at a UPS Access Point.

Pick-up and Drop-Off Options

You can schedule a one-time pick-up, set up a recurring pick-up or find a convenient drop-off location. Whatever works for you.

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Need Us To Come More Often? Set Up a Regular UPS Pick-up

To set up a recurring UPS pick-up on UPS.com, you need a UPS.com payment account. Don’t have a payment account? Create one.

  • Under 'My Accounts and Payment Options', find the applicable account.
  • Click under 'Actions' and select 'View Account Details' then 'Pick-up Options' and select your option.
  • Fill out your preferred pick-up times and driver instructions, if applicable. Click ‘Save’.
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Find a UPS Pick-up Option That Fits Your Business

Pick-up Every Weekday

A recurring scheduled pick-up each business day at a designated pick-up time.

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Automatic Pick-up

A scheduled pick-up, only as needed. When you create your first shipment of the day, a pick-up is automatically scheduled.

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Flexible Daily Pick-up

A more economical daily pick-up option – every weekday when a driver is in your area.

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Choose Your Pick-up Day

Pick-up on specific days, based on your needs. You can pre-select 1-4 business days to receive a pick-up each week.

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One-Time Pick-up

Only ship occasionally? You can schedule a same-day or future pick-up with a single charge, no matter the number of packages.

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