UPS® Air Freight Premium Direct

Even with the most careful planning, urgent scenarios arise. Whether it's a product launch, equipment failure, or a product outage, critical situations rarely allow for flexibility. So when you have a large international shipment with a tight deadline, rely on UPS Air Freight Premium Direct.

Get Your Products There Fast

This express air freight service is ideal for getting your high-value, time-sensitive products to market fast. Depending on the point of origin, we'll move your shipment in:

  • One to two business days to the U.S. from Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas
  • One to three business days from Hong Kong SAR, China to the U.S., Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada, and the Americas
  • Two to three business days to Europe from Asia Pacific, the U.S., and the Americas

These times are based on city-to-city transit times. Delivery times may vary by origin and destination postal code.

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Easy to Use, Better for Business

You can save money on last-minute shipments with one phone call to UPS Customer Service, or by visiting And UPS Import Control® availability enables you to provide shipment labeling and documentation of your imports and exports, maintain control of your costs, and ensure confidentiality of your account number and invoice information.

Uncompromising Flexibility

Available options allow you to adapt your shipping challenges, customizing UPS Air Freight Premium Direct to your needs:

  • Extend the workweek with Saturday deliveries to select U.S. and Canadian postal codes
  • Prepare trade documentation online and promote sustainability with our Paperless Packing List

Simple Account Management

UPS Air Freight Premium Direct gives you the simplicity of one point of contact, one account number, one customer account service, and one bill. What's more, you'll have the same tracking capabilities you're used to with UPS Tracking or Quantum ViewSM, allowing you to accurately forecast and plan.

Let Us Manage Import Shipping and Brokerage

When you ship UPS Air Freight Premium Direct, you're partnering with a customs broker with more than 80 years of brokerage experience. We make it easy to source, plan, ship, and import your products from around the world--helping to streamline your import/export management and creating efficiencies.

Those efficiencies, in turn, help you tighten timelines and better deliver on customer expectations. See how we can help provide a smooth shipping experience from beginning to end--and how you can use that to grow your competitive advantage and expand your business.

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Gain Confidence with Our Global Reach

As one of the largest customs brokers - who also happens to have one of the world's biggest air networks - we're uniquely positioned to help ensure the on-time, door-to-door delivery of your expedited shipments in more than 50 countries and territories.