Logistics Solutions for High Tech Businesses

Supply chain trends can shift almost as quickly as consumer desires--and both have big implications for your future.

The Fifth Annual Change in the (Supply) Chain Survey

Each year, we talk to some of the industry's most influential supply chain decision-makers to find out what's on the horizon. We discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead and discover new behaviors, refined strategies, and ideas ripe for adoption.

Our latest round of research took place in late 2014 in collaboration with IDC Manufacturing Insights. After talking with more than 500 executives across Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the United States, we saw some interesting trends emerge.

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Whether optimizing for growth or adapting to meet demand, the only constant is change.

Results from the survey show customer-centricity is still a primary focus for high-tech companies. And while near-shoring continues to grow as a strong, reliable way to improve customer service levels, a growing number of companies are using this tactic in tandem with off-shoring.

Further evolving is the idea of right-shoring: Balancing the need for a nimble supply chain with the desire for greater cost-effectiveness to find an optimal manufacturing mix that supports both objectives.

Emerging markets bring opportunity--and risk.

High-tech companies are still chasing demographic shifts in an effort to capture new consumers in burgeoning markets. But these markets also bring challenges for manufacturers who are looking to set up operations in these regions--and for those who aren't sure where to start.

Changing global regulations and evolving distribution plans introduce a diverse--and seemingly expanding--level of supply chain complexity and risk to manufacturers. How are your peers responding?

Download our report for detailed findings about supply chain risk management and other trends influencing today's strategies and tomorrow's realities.